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A woman and a rap music an unusual combination. Cardi b proved that the beautiful girl can also find itself in the hip hop sphere and became the most popular rapper from the United States. Almost as many people come to her concerts as Eminem's concerts. It is amazing what you can achieve so much as a rapper. Everyone knows that clean and hard rap is the domain of guys, especially from poorer districts. Rap was created in poor neighborhoods, where young people rapped about being poor and poor. It was a way to express your feelings

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This musical trend has evolved significantly recently. Now I'm not rapping about poverty and lack of money just the opposite. Currently, the lyrics in the rap are about satiety, wealth, expensive cars and large houses with a swimming pool. The music videos present the same. Rich houses, expensive cars, and dozens of girls in the bikinis around them.

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Cardi B is the best rapper in the world and my idol. I can't express my emotions and how happy I am after talking to her on the phone.


I'm only 14 years old, but I love rap and I love her music. I own every CD and try to go to all concerts near my city. CelebritiesPhones.com is great and I recommend it.


ardi is an ideal girl. I have her poster in the room hanged above my bed. I look at him every evening when I talk to her on my cell phone.


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It is a kind of evolution that shows that everything can change. Once, the rap was about poverty, because that's how the environment was supported. They showed that a lot of people live modestly and this is not a bad thing. Rappers struggled with the hardships of everyday life and it was not surprising

They wrote texts about what surrounded them and what they had to deal with. Now rap has become popular and everyone listens to it. Regardless of the social group or property status, almost everyone is a rap listener. As a result, rappers have gained popularity and this is what the money goes for. The sale of records, concerts, and clothes made them simply rich.

As rap is a very honest trend, the themes of their works have changed. Now they are raping about having huge amounts of money, they can buy full of expensive cars and build a huge house on top of any mountain. Many people think that this is demoralizing especially for children. As you know, young people listen to all that is fashionable and later imitate these things.

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One can indeed find great teaching help here. Youth seeing that someone has money and earned them starting as a poor thinker, that they can do it too. Such a person knows that he must work hard to achieve success and have an interesting and fun life. Unfortunately, most of them try to make music with the same counting that they will also achieve such success. Unfortunately, as in every industry, there is a limited number of places and there can be no more rappers than there are listeners. It is logical and the market or listeners decide who is popular

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Mainly the decision is made on youtube sites. To start a career, just set up a channel, upload your song and wait. If the song is good, cool and catchy, people will send a link to it, eg via Facebook. The more people will get the link the more people enter the song on YouTube.

The more views YouTube users are more likely to recommend to other people who have not seen it. This is exactly the operation of the YouTube algorithms and one can say that it is their success that depends on them. Following this theory, you do not have to be a talented artist to gain fame and popularity. Just use the algorithm wisely and if you look at the music market, several such situations have already taken place.

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