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John Cena is one of the most popular WWE players, which is why we mention him here. Only the best celebrities and famous people are on our site. Many people have asked if we have a phone number for John and this article is especially for these people. John Cena is not his real name. This is just his nickname that he uses in wrestling. When he was a young boy, he practiced various martial arts that had a great impact on his career.

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His parents strongly supported him in his passion and went everywhere with him to tournaments, competitions and competitions. At the age of 8 he won the first belt in karate. Karate is his main fighting style on which he bases his technique. This is very strange because he doesn't see it in his current fighting style. This is because wrestling has completely different rules.

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John Cena is a very talented actor and rapper. I love his songs and watch all the fights. He cheers on him from the beginning when he started fighting in this martial arts organization.


John is great, his fighting style impresses me and I started to learn it myself. In the future, like him, I would like to fight in WWE and appear on television and the Internet.


He is the best wrestling player. I've been watching him for several years and I will do it until the end of his career. I watch all the performances and if I have the opportunity I buy tickets for his fights.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is John Cena Email address- Some of you probably know that this is all fake and they don't really fight. Wrestling is a theater, and the jumpers are good actors who have elaborate silhouettes. Each player must train in the gym to be big and sculpted.
  2. How to meet with Cena - As I mentioned, all WWE players are actors who are very well prepared for their role. This is not the type of acting as in standard theater, because this is about fighting in an octagon. If they make a wrong move, it may end badly. In fights they often use elements of the environment such as chairs and tables that they throw at each other
  3. How often I can call to him?- You can call him as often as you like. You just have to remember that he has a very active lifestyle and rarely has free time for phone calls. It's best to contact him on Saturday and Sunday. There are no trainings these days so there is a good chance that she will answer the phone.

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If such a chair goes to the wrong place, it can hurt. Even if the players are well-built and well-built, it will hurt them anyway. Each fight has a different scenario, but there is a lot of improvisation. Screenwriters usually create a general outline of the plan for the fight, and the actors agree on the details.

These details are usually set on a regular basis during the fight and emotions take over there. The players know each other very well and are friends privately. When the fight begins, the show also pretends to hate each other.

ohn Cena is also a rapper and you can see his songs on platforms such as youtube and spotify. John started recording songs shortly after he began his career in WWE. Unfortunately, his musical career did not go well so he still participates in wrestling.

In one of the interviews he announced that he would gladly quit the career of a WWE player if he succeeds in musical career. Rap ​​is his new passion, which he would like to devote himself entirely together with Ariana Grande.

His songs have a very large number of views, but this did not translate into financial results. Nobody bought his album and there was no interest in his concert. People listened to his song on youtube because they were curious what it was. Most of them were his fans who will watch everything John produces. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, there is no financial coverage. Therefore, John Cena sometimes records some songs, but he does not take it seriously only as an extra passion after working hours.

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