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Justin Bieber is the most popular male singer. His albums sell in millions and he always ranks first in all rankings. I hope that no one is surprised by this fact because it creates really good music. In addition to music, the appearance also counts, his fans are mostly women. I think that no one is surprised by the fact that it is not known from today that girls have always adored famous, popular and handsome guys.

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A large number of fans means a problem with the ability to reach him at concerts. The result is that you will not take a picture with him and you will not get his autograph. Sometimes it is possible to buy VIP tickets, but even they do not guarantee the possibility of meeting with Bieber. All for safety reasons. Throughout the concert, an entire security staff watches over him. Very often he was throwing bottles at concerts or some people tried to get on the stage to beat him. Such incidents forced him to take radical steps, which is to increase protection and fewer meetings with fans. For a few people who wanted to do him all fans now suffer.

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Justin Bieber is my favorite singer and I'm glad I could talk to him. I recommend you to write or call him, he is very kind.


I'm his biggest fan and I've already written 30 emails to him. I am extremely happy that I could do it. Your site is the best.


His phone number and email address are very difficult to access. I've been looking for them for over 6 months and finally found your article.


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  1. What is Justin Bieber Email address- Also, he hid his data and information such as phone number, home address and email address. We have obtained this information and want to share it with you. In the section above, you will find the phone number, email address and home address for download. Please do not share it with your friends or on social networks. If this data becomes public, he will just change his number and no one will call him anymore
  2. How to meet with Bieber - All these unfortunate events made you need to find his phone number to be able to contact. The good news is that you can call anytime from anywhere on earth. You do not have to go to his concert and you do not have to spend money on tickets that often cost several hundred dollars. The bad news is that his private number is very difficult to get. We have succeeded so you are one of the lucky ones who will have the opportunity to talk to him.
  3. How often I can call to him?- Justin Bieber highly values ​​his privacy and time to relax. Remember not to call him in the middle of the night and the morning. This is his time to rest before a concert or recording in the studio. If you call and do not answer, I recommend sending a text message saying that you are asking for contact as soon as you have time. Sign and describe who you are and add that you are his fan. You can also tell us where you got his number, or write him the address of our website

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Justin knows who we are and knows our site so he will be more willing to write back if he knows how you got his number. We will be very grateful if you send us photos of your conversation or recording later. We will be happy to put them on our site in the tab with the photo gallery. This will be information for the rest of readers that the number is real and dreams can come true thanks to our actions. Some fans caught a very good contact with him and jojo siwa so they managed to make an appointment.

It was not a very long meeting because he can not appear in public, but enough time to take a picture and an autograph. You can also send such things to us. The more we put on our site the better. We love to share information and we love to share information from you because we know that it makes you happy.

The address of Justin Bieber's residence is currently known to all. The problem is that she is not there. Even if you go there and knock on the door, nobody will open it. This is the address that publicly gives information for fans and the media, ie TV and newspapers. If you want to know his real place of residence then you must use our website. Above this text is the appropriate button that should be pressed.

Once you do this you will be redirected to the appropriate site where you will see his real address. Probably each of you will wonder how we may have obtained this address. At this moment we will not tell you, it will be our secret, which we will say in a few months. The date will not be accidental, because we plan unique things for the next birthday of our website.

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Another thing you often ask about is the email addresses of famous people. One of those famous people is Justin Bieber, who personally gave us his email address. I want to emphasize that the email is private. His private email, not public which is on his site as a fan email. There are a lot of people writing about it for fans and he is not able to answer everything.

From what we know, there are currently several thousand messages waiting to be answered. The average response time is several weeks because new messages are still coming there. The number of his fans is also growing so I hope you understand what I'm aiming at. It is best to write on his private email or even send a letter by mail to his home address.

He will be surprised that someone has sent him a letter because almost nobody does it. Everyone tries to contact me by phone or by email. Try to stand out and do not follow the schemes. Celebrities appreciate this type of action because they show that you are better than other fans.

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Famous people are appreciated by those who try and often send gifts and photos with autographs. Justin is one of those people who do just that. It is very nice of him, especially that his opinion is negative in the media environment. On various websites, you can read a lot of bad things about him. He is very young and playing with life, he must be happy before he becomes a serious artist. You can see it also after his songs and exactly on the content of words. He often mentions parties, games and his friends. These types of texts are unlikely to appear with older artists.

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