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Paul Logan comes from the United States and his popularity is the result of unusual actions. It became popular day by day just like most people who have gained popularity on the internet. Paul was making funny videos on facebook. He is the precursor of this type of film. As he was the first person to create movies in this format, he quickly gained several million fans on Facebook. Then he set up a youtube channel and his videos matched the current algorithm settings. Currently, many people's lives depend on social media algorithms. It is very important to build the trust of your fans and to attach them. If someone succeeds, even after deleting the profile on Facebook or YouTube you will be able to rebuild the channel.

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At the moment, he is the most popular person on YouTube in the entertainment category. His brother takes second place. Together they built a huge empire and companies are fighting to buy advertising for their films. Recently they took part in the battles of famous people. If you want to see it, I recommend looking for you on YouTube.

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I have already received from him a T-shirt and mug with his autograph. I hope to get more presents from him in some time. He gets everything for free so it pays to talk to him and build a friendly relationship.


This website is great because I could get a number from Paul and talk to him for several hours. I came across a moment when he had free time and was looking for something to do. He really liked the topics of the conversation, which I raised and talked for several hours.


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  1. What is Logan Paul Email address- This fight was watched by several million people online and several thousand live in the hall. Ticket prices were very expensive because the cheapest cost $ 40. Everyone who fought at this arena got huge payouts. Paul got the most because his fight was the fight of the evening. He got several million dollars for fighting for several minutes in the ring. That's what the best players in the world earn like cristiano Ronaldo.
  2. How to meet with Paul - easy steps - As you can see it is very popular and everyone who has the Internet has certainly seen a movie with his participation. People like Paul have a lot of fans who want to talk to him. Little creators can afford to talk for hours in the evenings with their viewers. Paul doesn't have that option, because he would have to draw these people, and that's not fair. For this reason, he decided not to organize evenings for viewers on YouTube.
  3. How often I can call to him?- People who learned about this immediately began to look for ways to contact him. A lot of people wrote to us if we could get a phone number from him. In the beginning, we didn't want to do it because in our opinion he is not a celebrity but a popular person from the Internet. Ultimately, there were so many inquiries that we agreed to add his phone number We have a lot of contacts and one of our editors knows Paul's manager.

Logan Paul is a famous youtuber with very rare mobile phone

In this way, we got a phone number from the most popular youtube from the entertainment industry. I don't know how long the phone number will still be available because we plan to delete it. We can't let too many people download it. This is our contract with his manager so that too many people do not get the telephone number. If you read this text, it means that the number is still available, but tomorrow it may not be available.

In the past, telephone directories were popular, and all telephone numbers could be found. There were literally numbers from each person. Such a phone book had several thousand pages and was huge. Once, not everyone had a telephone, so they could contain all the numbers in the book. Currently, it is probably impossible because there are more phone numbers than people. Very often someone has several phone numbers, e.g. one private and the other business one. In this way, the number of telephone network users is lower than the actual number of telephone numbers.

When making a phone call, it is very important to follow a few rules. These rules will greatly facilitate your conversation and guarantee success. When I write success, I mean establishing friendly relations. You must remember that he doesn't know you and he doesn't know anything about you. You probably know everything about him because you have been watching his movies on the internet for several years.

This situation can give a wrong view of the world. First, be nice, kind and don't ask for anything at the very beginning. It's best not to ask him for anything during the first few days. If you feel that the atmosphere of the conversation is looser and that he trusted you, then you can try to ask him for something like his home address.

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I suggest that at the beginning it was some autographed photo, not a meeting in the city. Paul often organizes meetings in the city, but private going out is not something you do with random people. Friday nights are spent with close friends. This should be your task, that is to win his sympathy and friendship.

This is not difficult to do, but you need to be careful and consult us with some things. If you do not understand certain situations, or you do not know what he intended, please contact us. We will analyze the situation on the basis of screenshots of conversations and tell you what to do next.

Prepare yourself before each conversation, write down what you want to talk about. Do not invent nonsense during a conversation. If you prepare, you will be able to remain calm and this is very important. If you are stressed, you will not do well in his eyes.

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Pay attention to your tone of voice. People who are excited have a higher tone of voice. Control it and lower the tone of the voice if needed. People who are opposed and calm are better seen. By following these rules you can be sure that you will win Jace Norman sympathy.

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