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Ninja is currently the most popular streamer on the streaming platform. Its popularity began recently, just 3 years ago. The number of his fans grew quickly because he is the best player in the fortnite game. Fortnite has gained a large number of players who are very active in various forums. Most players follow the best players and watch their game in addition to playing. They do it so that they can improve themselves and watch the best tactics

What is Ninja Home Address?

At some point, all the people running the interview channels found out about him. He was invited probably everywhere you can interview. The number of these interviews increased his viewership even further. On the internet you can also find information on how much he earns. On one of the streams he showed a screenshot of earnings from the platform. It was an unintended procedure, he just accidentally clicked on this tab in the browser.

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Ninja is my favorite player fortnie, and fortnite is my favorite game. As you can guess, I watch it almost for days. Even at school, I watch his films during breaks between lessons. I am his big fan and I am glad that I could play a game with him. I called him and asked if we could play together. He agreed and then sent me an invitation to his room in the game.


My brother likes his movies very much, but he never had the opportunity to meet him and talk to him. My brother is very young and shy, so I had to help him. Using I made his biggest dream come true because they have all the information they need for this purpose.


If someone has no idea for a birthday present, this is a great option. Of course, only when the person celebrating his birthday is a Ninja fan and plays Fortnite. If you have such a person, do not buy them any birthday present, just get the number from Ninja and give it, e.g. in an envelope. I guarantee that he will be happy because I did it myself.


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  1. What is Ninja Email address- Every public person has an email address for business purposes. We are not interested in this email address, because we do not have any current offers for it. We and you want to write to him for social purposes. You want to meet him, ask for a meeting, an autograph or to play a game together. His private fan email address is not publicly available. We are the only website that places such information in its articles. Please share our site so that we can grow faster.
  2. What is Ninja home address - We have hesitated for a long time whether we want to publish his home address on our website. This is already very private information and can cause unpleasant consequences. Certainly there are people who will come to him every day and try to enter the apartment even at night. After long reflection, we decided to add his home address, but we will limit the amount of distribution. You will be able to download it only for the next week, then it will disappear from this article.
  3. How often can I call to him?- You can call every day, but remember that you will not always answer the call. His phone number is available to all our readers and on average 10 people call him daily. Our experience shows that it is best to call in the evening or early in the morning. During this time, Ninja has free time, which he willingly devotes to talks with his biggest fans.
  4. Is this phone number and address real?- First you can check the photo gallery we added at the beginning of this article. There you will find real screenshots of other people's phones. In the screenshots you can see the entire conversation, what they wrote about and so on. I think this is the best proof of the truth of the information you can read with us. If you don't believe us, just download the number and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose, we don't charge any fees.

Ninja is a famous men with the best mobile phone

At present, popularity is gained completely by accident. People who stream on different platforms can be counted in hundreds or even thousands of people. Certainly, people who are known for e.g. eSports teams have greater predisposition. Ninja is such a person. He plays in the best esports team at fortnite and they have a lot of tournaments won. People always like to observe the best in a given category. Football will be the best example. Footballers from clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have the most followers.

The best players, i.e. the ones who score the most goals, have even more followers. There is exactly the same principle in online games. Ninja plays the position of the shooter and usually he gets the most frags in his team. The above description is a scheme of how gaining popularity works in almost every industry.

Celebrities often have to talk on the phone. They are mainly business talks, but also social ones. Currently, it is popular to talk to viewers while streaming, e.g. on YouTube. Unfortunately, this way does not allow you to talk to everyone, because the number of people watching is usually around a few or several thousand. To be able to have a private conversation you need to know his phone number.

Once he gave his number on one of the movies. Then everyone had the opportunity to contact him. The rule was one, first come first served. Due to the fact that the number was public and almost one million people saw it, there was a small chance that you could get through. On the internet you can also see videos where fans call him. The number of these connections is really huge and it shows what problem is sharing numbers publicly.

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